Ad Mari Usque a Mare

We did it, Canada! By voting in greater numbers than in decades, we've stemmed the tide of fear-based politics in our fair country - a feat worthy of celebration!

When the dust settles from this marathon campaign, Justin Trudeau will have a chance to make good on the lofty promises his Liberal Party has made in order to gain our trust. It's now up to us to hold him accountable and ensure he delivers on the key issues Canadians have made clear: electoral reform, ‪#‎MMIW‬ national inquiry, the protection of our waters and regaining our good standing on the world stage.

Our vote was just the first breath of our voice being heard in the political arena - we are going to be on our local MP to insist that those campaign promises are upheld, and make them speak for us in Ottawa for the next four years and onward!

Congrats Justin, you have your majority, make it count. Our nation watches.

Ad Mari Usque a Mare,

A very hopeful Red Moon Road